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Word Up!
WordUp! is an addictive word game application for your iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a fun android game which is specially designed for the people who are crazy of Word search and Puzzles. WordUp! Allows you to set a time limit, and will tell you how many words it is possible to find and, more importantly, how many of them you have managed to discover. You can also rotate the board to give you a different perspective and perfect for when you get stuck.
WordUp! Can be used with 2 different dictionaries OSPD (Scrabble) Compliant or Contemporary, but word nerds will soon realize that quite a few common words which are not allowed, which is a little frustrating.
WordUp! is having an advanced configuration for you to play around with. From the size and color of the board to play time and the way scores are displayed, WordUp! gives you many options. It is quite an interesting game, and an excellent way to keep the linguistically-oriented entertained on the go. This WordUp! game is quick, fun, and you will end up being smarter than your friends. Now the game WordUp is available online for free which is quite a sophisticated and complicated application.

WordUp! New Features:

• Allow install to SD
• Added 1000+ new words to contemporary dictionary
• Made New Game button smaller
• Great options
• Variety of levels
• Save games to play later
About the Game:
In this WordUp application, form words of 3 or more letters using letter tiles, you can use only the tiles in the first row of the board, but each time you use a tile, the tiles underneath it move up and the new top tile becomes available. The game will end automatically when there are no words left. If you are still playing, then there are words left, though they might be very obscure. If you get tired of guessing, tap Menu and then New Game to give up on the current game and start a new one. When the game ends, if your score is in the top ten, then you will be prompted to enter your name for the top score list.
Tap Menu and then Show Top Scores to see the top scores. From the Top Scores screen, you can view the game details for any of the top-scoring games. The game details include a list of all words played for that game; if you have an Internet connection, you can look up words using an online dictionary.

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