Andoku Sudoku Puzzle Game For Android

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Andoku Sudoku is an open source sudoku puzzle game application for Android mobile. With over 5,000 different puzzles, Andoku Sudoku is persuaded to keep you entertained for a long time. There are more options than those found in many similar apps, including 5 difficulty levels, various regions and 2 grid styles. To keep all the options under control, there is in addition a comprehensive help section and a good selection of configuration options.

Andoku Sudoku also has an interesting selection of input methods, some of which may not be immediately familiar to users. You can choose between methods under settings, but you will probably need a few minutes to get used to them. Once you do, however, hours of Sudoku fun await. It has many different play options, good range of difficulty levels and is Very customizable.

This standard sudoku puzzle offers the following sudoku variants:

• X-Sudoku
• Hyper-Sudoku
• Percent-Sudoku
• Color-Sudoku
• Squiggly Sudoku

Andoku Sudoku Puzzle Game Features:

• 10 different game types
• 5 difficulty levels per game type
• 100 puzzles per game type and difficulty level
• Puzzle timer
• Undo/redo function
• Auto-save
• Cell highlighting
• Statistics

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