Sudoku V1.02 Puzzle Game for Apple iPhone


The new version of SuDoKu is now available for free download, with all new features like check function for the current grid and it is not a solution checker, just a rule-break checker. The SuDoKu puzzle game is all about the numbers between 1-9 which must be fitted into a 9×9 grid in such a way that each line along with the nine 3×3 internal grids contain one of each of the numbers 1-9.

With this SuDoKu V1.02 you can now load and save SuDoKu’s and also created random puzzles sustained with difficulty slider. SuDoKu application really works great on your pocket PC and can create SuDoKu puzzles and solve manually entered ones. With just a click on “Solve all” option this SuDoKu application will do the complete the business for you. If you fail to solve to complete your puzzle, SuDoKu Application will help you in solving completely or acts as a helper and suggests you with the possible values with a single click on unknown boxes and you will get the guessing techniques and logical reasoning with the logic based on algorithms.

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